Christ Church, founded on  March 17, 1876, has a long tradition of openness and commitment to interfaith connections. We partner with the American Baptist Church and the United Church of Christ. As an Open and Affirming Congregation since 1994, we welcome persons of all sexual orientations, identities and expressions into the life of our community.


Our spiritual community emphasizes what binds us together today over what separated us in the past. We draw upon the wisdom of the Christian tradition, seeking to wrestle with the spiritual questions that life poses to us all. We value imaginative questions over past answers.

As a community, we gather for worship to reflect on the spiritual values that we hold in common and explore how those values help us address the moral challenges of our time. We lift one another in prayerful support and nurture a community life together as a spiritual family of families.

We serve those around us in need and work cooperatively to ‘give back’ both locally and internationally. We involve our children in service and model a life of generous gratitude as a spiritual way of being in our world.